V. The Do, Esq.


Mr. Do has many years of experience in personal injury and criminal defense cases.  He has dedicated his life to protecting and defending victims of social and political injustice.  Mr. Do has litigated cases and negotiated settlements against large insurance companies, corporations, and government entities.

In a civil action against a home improvement store for personal injury, Mr. Do strategically cornered his opponent into submission.  Overwhelmed by Mr. Do's legal prowess, the opposing party conceded and Mr. Do's client was favorably compensated for his injuries.

In a case against a private defendant, Mr. Do discovered hidden assets that the opposing party denied existed. The defendant had carefully masked various assets to prevent detection.  However, it was no match for Mr. Do's tenacity and legal expertise.  Mr. Do traced and linked the assets back to the defendant, and his client was handsomely compensated for his injury.

In the criminal forum, Mr. Do has defended clients charged with murder, driving under the influence, theft, and possession of guns and drugs.  Mr. Do has represented numerous DUI clients who were repeat offenders.  He has successfully advocated and obtained favorable plea bargains for his clients. 

In a case where a second time DUI client who was involved in four car collisions, Mr. Do was able to persuade the court to approve his client for a house arrest sentence instead of the mandatory jail sentence.  Mr. Do also successfully defended a client who allegedly made a bomb threat to a local hospital.  He was able to point out the weaknesses in the People's case, and was able to get the client off on a deferred entry of judgment.

Mr. Do strongly advocates for prisoners.  He believes that in order to improve humanity, one of the changes we must make is the way we rehabilitate our captives.  He feels that incarcerating criminals is not enough; we must create programs to prepare the inmates to be productive members of society.   Incarnation without proper rehabilitation only functions to transform naive individuals into hardened criminals. 


Along with being a full-time attorney, Mr. Do is also an Adjunct Law Professor at Pacific West College of Law.  Mr. Do has dedicated his evenings to giving back to prospective lawyers.  He strongly believes that if we are to create a better world for our future generations, we cannot sit idly by and watch the quality of higher education get watered down.  The future of our world is in the next generation.  Mr. Do teaches Criminal Law, Torts, Contracts, Complex Theories of Law, Criminal Advocacy, and Bar Preparations.  


  • Juris Doctorate in Law, Pacific West College of Law 
  • Bachelor of Science in Law, Pacific West College of Law
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Finance, California State University of Fullerton
  • Associate of Arts, Golden West College 


  • Member of the State Bar of California​
  • Member of the Bar of Central District of California


  • Orange County Bar Association
  • Orange County Democratic Foundation
  • Member of the American Bar Association
  • English
  • Vietnamese


  • Comfort the sick and the elderly
  • Prison Advocate

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