Proposition 47 

The Safe Neighborhoods & Schools Act

As of November 5, 2014, California has a new legislation in effect that may open many doors for qualifying individuals charged with or convicted of a felony (theft and/or drug related crimes).  Prop. 47 allows a number of felony charges to be reduced to misdemeanors, which may provide eligible petitioners with a reduced sentence. 

Prop. 47 is intended to aid minor offenders by speeding up their rehabilitation process and to allow more room in our system for violent criminals. 

Charges or conviction eligible under Prop. 47

  • Possession of drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, concentrated cannabis (Health & Safety Code § 11350, 11377, and 11357)
  • Grand Theft Auto if the value is less than $950
  • Petty Theft of property if the value is less than $950 (Penal  Code § 490.2)
  • Receiving stolen property if the value is less than $950 (Penal Code §496)
  • Forgery involving checks, bonds, notes, cashier's check, money order, etc. if the value is less than $950
  • Bad checks if the value is less than $950 (Penal Code § 476)
  • Shoplifting if the value is less than $950 (Penal Code § 459.9)

Prop. 47 Exceptions

Prop. 47 does not apply to:
  • Registered sex offenders (Penal Code § 290)
  • Conviction of any of the following serious felonies:
    • Sexually violent crimes
    • Sex crimes against a minor under 14 years of age
    • DUI Vehicular Manslaughter (Penal Code § 191.5)
    • Murder, Attempted Murder, Solicitation to commit Murder

Benefits of Prop 47

By petitioning for a reduction of a charge or conviction, Prop. 47 may allow the petitioner to have a reduced sentence, and it may allow the petitioner to expunge his criminal record if the charge or conviction is reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. 

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